making a wallet

I've been needing a new wallet. My (now) previous wallet was the 2nd wallet I made. It was floral and I loved it, but I didn't make the pattern quite right, and it could never quite fold in half once full of cards. The first wallet I made I used to death. I made it the first night I moved into the second house I lived in in Vancouver, when I told my new roommate that I wanted to make a wallet out of a map, and she gave me an old map of Vancouver she had. I used clear packing tape to cover all sections of the wallet and I re-taped that wallet probably 4 times in 3 years before finally retiring it for the floral one. 

On Wednesday night some friends were over and one of them showed us her embroidery project. Inspired, I asked my roommate if she happened to have an embroidery hoop (the wooden ring you use to stretch the fabric you are going to embroider on). She lent me 2 hoops plus a bunch of tread and a book that night! So of course I stayed up until 1:30 embroidering, and when finishing the next day I broke the only embroidery needle I had found in my sewing drawer. 

On Friday I went to buy more needles, and as I was checking out, proud that I was actually leaving the fabric store with only what I had come to buy, on the counter there was a bag of scraps. Beautiful shiny scraps! And in those scraps I saw my beautiful new wallet.

Saturday I made a pattern on illustrator for the laser cutter, and Sunday morning reserved a laser at Techshop.

When using the laser cutters, I have learned that it is always important to test your settings before cutting everything. And in this case, my test turned into a beautiful pair of earrings for one of my best friends whose birthday party I was headed to that afternoon!

Here are the earrings: 

Settings tested, I cut the pieces of the wallet and sewed up the wallet! I originally wanted it to be all rose gold, but the scrap wasn't quite big enough and so I ended up making one pocket out of silver. Which I actually love! I always find that the best ideas I have come out of some sort of restriction, and this is a perfect example.